It’s A Wonderful Life
By Philip Grecian. Based on the film by Frank Capra.

Directed by Chris Bizub

December 9, 10, 16, 17, 18. 2016 Fri & Sat @ 7pm and Sun @ 3pm

Audition Dates:
Sun, Sept. 18th, 2016 7pm – 10pm
Tues, Sept. 20th, 2016 7pm – 10pm…

*Auditions are open – no reservation required*

None, auditions will consist of readings from the script.

What to Bring:
A headshot and resume
A list of your Oct-Nov 2016 conflicts

Tues, Sept 27th, 2016 7-10pm, if needed
(invitation only)

Audition location:
Garfield Heights Fire Station
5115 Turney Rd. Garfield Hts, OH

Performance location:
Garfield Hts High School
Studio Theater
4900 Turney Rd
Garfield Hts. OH 44125
(216) 475-8313

Sun–Thurs, October 30 – December 8, 2016
(We have a couple of Saturday afternoon, Sunday evening earlier in October, but that isn’t set in stone)

All roles available:

This cast can range from 7-17 men, 4-8 women, 2-4 boys, 2-4 girls, depending on audition turnout and talents of the interested actors/actresses. Actors/ actresses cast in smaller roles will be offered multiple characters in the performance to give them more stage time in the production. This plays consists of characters of all ages. The director will partake in color blind casting as well.

George Bailey – A good man and a dreamer who constantly puts his own needs aside for the benefit of others. (20s-40s)

Henry Potter – Wheelchair-bound old millionaire, thinks all poor people are lazy. (50s-60s)

Clarence – An angel who desipite being in heaven for over 200 years, still hasn’t earned his wings yet. (any age)

Uncle Billy – Goodhumored, but absentminded Uncle to George. (50s-60s)

Ernie – Cab driver, good natured, but lazy. (30s-40s)

Bert – A small town cop with a sense of humor. (30s-40s)

Joseph (PA) – An angel, Clarence’s supervisor. (any age)

Reineman – A rent collector for Potter, a slick, fast talking huckter. (20s-30s)

Gower – Gruff Drugist, grieving the loss of his son. (40s-60s)

Harry Bailey – George’s brother, high strung, but lovable, ends up with everything George dreamed for himself. (20s-30s)

Peter Bailey – George’s father, strong willed, but constanly critized for having to big of a heart to be a good businessman. (30s-40s)

Welch – Husband of Mrs. Welch, teacher to the Bailey children, a big tough guy.

Man on Porch – A loudmouth neighbor. (any age)

Horace – A bank teller. (any age)

Boss (PA) – The voice of God. (any age)

Carter (off stage) – Humorless Bank Examiner. (any age)

Chairman (PA) – Board chairman at Bailey Building and Loans. (any age)

Ed – Resident of Bedford Falls. (any age)

Charlie – Resident of Bedford Falls. (any age)

Tom – Resident of Bedford Falls. (any age)

Mary Hatch-Bailey – A strong, quick-witted woman, loved George since they were children. (20s-40s)

Mother Bailey – Loving mother to George and Harry, a no nonesense woman, has trouble letting her children go. (30s-50s)

Violet Bick – Attractive girl with a bad reputation. Has a crush on George. (20s-30s)

Tilly – Secretary at Bailey Building and Loan. A quick witted gossip. (20s-40s)

Potter’s Secretary – Works for Henry Potter. (any age)

Mrs. Hatch (offstage) – Mary’s mother, a nosey woman. (40s-50s)

Mrs. Davis – Resident of Bedford Falls. (any age)

Mrs. Thompson – Resident of Bedford Falls. (any age)

Peter Bailey II – George and Mary’s oldest son (12-14 years old)

Tommy Bailey – George and Mary’s younger son (8-10 years old)

Janie – George and Mary’s daughter, loves to play the piano. (9-11 years old)

Zuzu – George and Mary’s youngest daughter (7-9 years old)

Young George – Natural leader, puts others first. (12-14 years old)

Young Harry – A little goober, you always wants to tag along. (8-10 years old)

Young Mary – Sweet, innocent girl next door. (12-14 years old)

Young Violet – Cofident little girl, a bit of a gossip, has a crush on George. (12-14 years old)

It is Christmas Eve, and George Bailey stands on a bridge looking over the icy waters below, contemplating suicide. Joseph, an unseen angel, calls on The Boss for advice, and they decide on Clarence Oddbody, an Angel Second Class who, after 200 years, has yet to earn his wings. Joseph takes Clarence into the past to see George as a boy, rescuing his brother from drowning, enduring a beating from grieving druggist Gower, saving a child from accidental poisoning, then growing up to forgo college so he can save the family business and keep the citizens of Bedford Falls from being ruined by the Depression and the machinations of the conniving Henry Potter. George marries his childhood sweetheart, has a family, and resigns himself to a life of “failure.” When his Uncle Billy misplaces $8,000 of the Building and Loan’s money, George takes responsibility and runs to the bridge to commit suicide. Clarence stops him, and when George wishes he had never been born, makes the wish come true. Now George wanders through a Bedford Falls that has been rechristened Pottersville and has fallen far without him to save it. He realizes how many lives he has touched, how many people he has helped—and that he has been a success, after all. Clarence brings him back to “his” Bedford Falls and even manages to make Henry Potter pay for his sins.

If you have any questions or cannot attend auditions, but would still like to set up a time to audition, please feel free to contact the director at for more information




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